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What is AHG’s dividend policy?

Subject to the considerations set out below, the current policy is to distribute between 65% and 75% of NPAT (attributable to Shareholders) in the form of fully franked dividends.

The Directors can give no assurance as to the payment of future dividends or the level of franking of such dividends. The payment of fully franked dividends by the Company will depend upon the availability of sufficient distributable profits, the Company’s franking credit position, working capital requirements, future capital expenditure requirements, general business and financial conditions and any other factors the Directors may consider relevant.

The Directors will review the Company’s dividend policy from time to time and, subject to prevailing circumstances, may change the policy.

What is AHG's Current Share Price?

 To see the current share price, visit the ASX Share Registry site.

Where are AHG's dealerships?

 AHG has dealerships across Australia and New Zealand. Visit the Dealerships and Businesses page.

Where can I get a copy of the latest Annual Report?

 AHG's annual reports are available for download on the Reports page. You can download directly from the page.

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