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What Is An EWP Licence?

What Is An EWP Licence?

EWP means Elevated Work Platforms. To operate such a platform, you need an EWP license. A platform should have below or above 11 meters in height.


The platforms include –

1) Scissor Lift

2) Trailer Lift

3) Truck Mount

4) Boom Lift

5) Vertical Lift


An EWP license can get you a Yellow Card. The card provides you the legal authority the operate the above platforms.


How To Get An EWP License?

To get an EWP license, you should complete a course. The course may contain several hours of training. First of all, you have to take training from an accredited trainer.

Then, you have to complete the training. After that, the trainer will submit your training papers to the higher authority (EWPA). Next, the authority will approve your training and you shall get an EWP license.


What Is Taught In The EWP License Training?


1) This course will teach you theoretical and practical aspects of elevated work platforms.

2) You will know all the safety guidelines for operating these platforms.

3) These platforms have many types of risks involved in them. So, the training will teach you – how to assess all the risks.

4) Emergency responses are also taught in this training.

5) Before starting a task, you need to inspect everything. Even after finishing a job you may have to inspect the site. The training tells you – how to inspect properly.

6) This EWP license training will demonstrate your practical working conditions. So that, you can observe and understand your full responsibilities.


Where Can You Get A Job After Obtaining An EWP License?

Usually, construction sites and commercial sites use elevated work platforms. But, an EWP can also be used for other maintenance purposes.…

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