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Welcome Back and Happy New Year from Stephen Cleary of AHG RL

As we welcome the New Year of 2019, we also welcome all back to work with the hope that everyone had a relaxed, enjoyable and safe break over the Christmas period. Whether you are back on the road, working in the loading docks or in the office, this is a great time to refresh safety standards with your team.

Stephen Cleary, along with the entire team at AHG RL would like to thank you for all continued efforts from 2018 into 2019, and to encourage this same work ethic throughout the New Year.

For the full message, view video here.

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AHG RL farewells the Summer of 2018

This Australian summer was the third-hottest on record as a whole across our Country. With this in mind, AHG RL would like to acknowledge the sheer effort and dedication displayed by everyone in our team. We’d like to thank the dedicated staff in our warehouses, depots, office facilities and our drivers along with our customers for their support and understanding.

This summer was extreme and gave rise to many challenges in maintaining temperature and product quality integrity. We feel that despite these obstacles, we delivered one of our most successful, peak period performances.

As we farewell Summer, we hope everyone stays safe and looks forward to Autumn and the upcoming build to Easter.

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How to Pick the Right Pair of 4×4 Wheels in Australia

When you need to buy 4×4 wheels in Australia, you would want to look at all your options. There are many options when you think of it and you may think of the best fit for your vehicle. Yes, it is time to wonder how to pick the right pair of 4×4 wheels in Australia. You must first choose between getting a brand new or a used one. When you buy a used one, imagine the amount of money you will be able to save when you choose that option. The price difference is a bit high when you think about all the things that you would be able to spend more when you choose the used one. There are a lot of designs supplied by Ozzy Tyres and they are not shy to show you each and every one of them. The design is vital to what you would end up with so better choose the right one and you will not want to regret that decision in the future. After all, you would want to show off your wheels when you finally take your vehicle to the road and what you can expect from it to perform as well as it has been advertised.

It is pretty easy to ask the well trained professionals of Ozzy Tyres as they would be more than happy to lend a helping hand. It is no secret they have been doing this for quite a long time so you can never tell where they will end up when it comes to beating around the bus. In fact, they are pretty passionate about what they do so they would not mind doing it all over again for different customers. You will need to tell them what type of vehicle you have in your …

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