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AHG Refrigerated Logistics announces National Partnership with Foodbank Australia – AHG IR

AHG Refrigerated Logistics announces National Partnership with Foodbank Australia

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Posted On By Reyes Strauss

AHG Refrigerated Logistics is extremely pleased to announce our continued support as a National Partner with Foodbank which is our “charity of choice”.

In the last 12 months, over four million Australians have suffered some form of food insecurity. Simply put, this means almost 1 in 5 Australians were not able provide themselves and their families with enough food at some stage last year. Most people receiving support are employed and country Australians are more affected than those who live in cities. Foodbank provides food for more than 2,600 charities around Australia which work to feed the hungry, providing food relief to more than 710,000 Australians every month.

Foodbank is one of many organisations playing a major part in ensuring that food doesn’t go to waste and makes it to the tables of those who need it the most and pretty much, all of our major customers provide donations of short dated stock, rather than see it disposed into landfill.

Some customers go even further and one of those is Primo, which makes a sausage especially for Foodbank to ensure high quality protein is always available. Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways has been partnering with Primo to support Foodbank with transport and warehousing since the charity first started.

Foodbank is a non-profit organisation with a national presence and by continuing to support this worthwhile cause, AHG Refrigerated Logistics hopes to contribute in some meaningful way to help address this significant social issue of food insecurity.

For Foodbank Hunger Report 2018, click here.

To learn more about Foodbank and how you can get involved, visit Foodbank here.
Pictured right: Stephen Cleary, CEO of AHG RL, and Brianna Casey, CEO of Foodbank Australia.