Foodbank Hunger Report 2018 Partner

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AHG RL have supported Foodbank for many years by providing transport and short term refrigerated storage. Few would know that Scotts Refrigerated Freightways has been there from the very start, supporting Foodbank to provide over 710,000 people with food support each month.

Foodbank ‘recycles and recovers’ food that would otherwise go to waste, distributing through a number of charities including Red Cross, Salvation Army and a network of church groups as well as many other social service outlets, some 2,600 individual agencies nationwide. Along with AHG RL, many of our customers also provide support to Foodbank through donations of short dated stock all the way through to manufacturing and processing products specifically to support the provision of protein to people who otherwise would be struggling to put enough nutritional food on the family table.

Unfortunately, food insecurity is rapidly on the rise in Australia, with more than 4 million Australians experiencing some form of it in the last twelve months. 30% of these people reveal to be living on a low income or pension, being the main reason they’re unable to afford enough food for themselves and families. The Foodbank Hunger Report for 2018 reveals many more startling statistics like these, and by partnering with Foodbank, AHG RL intend to contribute to lowering these as much as possible along with many other national partners.

For Foodbank Hunger Report 2018, click here.

To learn more about Foodbank and how you can get involved, visit Foodbank here.